Stanley Road Allotments

The allotments are situated behind Stanley Road in Carshalton, Surrey. The Stanley Road allotment is 3.93 hectares (or just under 10 acres) in size with 204 Plots and just over 150 tenants. The site is shared by Carshalton Lavender. Therefore 80% is allocated to allotment gardening. In the past year, there has been a huge increase in the number of people acquiring plots to the point that there are now just one or two plots vacant.

Allotment holders will confirm that there is always a very friendly and sociable atmosphere no matter what time of day you attend your plot. There are always the seasoned experienced gardeners, very ready to give advice if requested, and then there are those of us who do it for the fresh air, the exercise and the unbeatable taste of freshly grown vegetables. If you’ve ever tasted sweetcorn or carrots, cooked on the day that you harvest them, you’ll know exactly what I mean.